With the days getting longer and a whole lot warmer, it’s time to start thinking ahead and prepare our wardrobes for the sunnier season that’s quickly coming. And the perfect way to make your style feel springtime ready is by brightening it up. With our winter woes slowly being cured by the warm sunshine, it’s time to turn our backs on the head to toe black attires and all-neutral shades and give our clothes a colourful shake-up. From pastel pinks to bright yellows to pale blues, nothing says spring like a fun and vibrant colour to up your style’s serotonin levels. And if you’re usually one to shy away from a bit of brightness in your wardrobe, then these Burton picks are going to be perfect for you to try something new and mix it up a bit. Keep it subtle with a simple, light coloured shirt or take it to a higher level and go full on vivid in a full pink suit. Whatever you prefer, Burton will have you covered with their perky picks that will up your fashion game this coming season.

Ready for your style to get some serious vitamin D? These are the top ten pieces that will do just that.