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Environment & Sustainability

Blue is the new Green…

One of the key priorities during construction was to ensure that when we opened our doors in 1999, Europe’s leading retail and leisure destination was efficiently designed.

Sustainability is an integral part of Bluewater’s culture. Making a difference in the community, improving health and safety standards, and reducing environmental impacts are central to our business strategy.

As improved technologies have become available, our Facilities Management team have continually modernised the energy and waste infrastructure to ensure Bluewater continues to make a difference in the community and remain at the forefront of sustainability within the retail and leisure sector.

Bluewater is managed by Landsec, the largest commercial property company in the UK.

Landsec have a wide portfolio of properties. For more information please visit the Landsec Portfolio website.

Utilities - Recovery Consumption

As a Landsec managed asset Bluewater has set challenging energy and carbon reduction targets. Bluewater will reduce its energy and carbon intensity by 40% by 2030 on a 2013/14 baseline. Bluewater uses passive ventilation of the malls which saves us over £100,000 per annum in avoided costs associated to mechanical ventilation.


We are committed to a continual process of upgrading of the lighting technologies at Bluewater to ensure that they are as efficient as possible. Our external lighting replacement project commences Summer 2018. Being completed over a 3 month programme, this project will save Bluewater 650,000kWh annually.

Waste Management

Bluewater is proud that it has achieved 100% diversion from Landfill since June 2009, we currently recycle over 90% of all waste being produced on the site. 

Bluewater has also partnered with the British Heart Foundation and donates old and unwanted furniture items to them for recondition and resale through their outlet in Woolwich. 

Bluewater Waste Management Statistics:

  • Bluewater has sent zero waste to landfill since 2008
  • Working towards 100% recycling and regularly achieving over 90%
  • 4,822,133 Kg of waste recycled in 2017/18
  • 488,888 Kg of food waste recycled in 2017/18
  • 389,033 Kg of glass was recycled in 2017/18

Environment & Biodiversity

Bluewater operates an active Biodiversity Management Strategy that recognises iconic, rare and protected species and habitats at the asset. The strategy revolves around a commitment to protect, preserve and ultimately enhance and expand 5 key habitats that contain 27 nationally rare and protected species of plants and animal located alongside 1 million trees and shrubs within the 155-hectare estate. Bluewater has worked over the last decade to protect and enhance its onsite biodiversity, implementing a Biodiversity Management Strategy to help support species surveys and management initiatives.

In 2017 a survey was carried out to identify biodiversity enhancement opportunities and net gain potential. Bluewater has succeeded in increasing and enhancing biodiversity onsite through multiple measures installed around our parkland areas onsite. All the measures utilised have been delivered using sustainable technique. Bluewater has created an external environment with numerous thriving species of flora and fauna. A beehive has been installed on site, the hive has a population of 20,000 bees. This not only enhances the site’s biodiversity credentials but also provides an opportunity for staff and community involvement.

Green Travel Plan

Working with local partners including Kent County Council, Kent Highways and local transport operations, Bluewater is promoted as the central hub for transport within the immediate community and sub-region. This ensures that both staff and guests are able to travel to and from Bluewater as easily as possible while reducing congestion and improving air quality around the centre.

Green Fleet

We now have a fleet of 4 electrical vehicles including 2 electric motorcycles and 3 battery-powered utility vehicles.

Refill Me Initiative

As part of Bluewater’s ongoing sustainability efforts and in a bid to cut single-use plastic consumption, guests can now fill up their water bottle for free at any Bluewater retailer displaying a Refill Me sticker in its window, with zero obligation to make a purchase from the retailer.

Bluewater brands signed up to the “Refill Me” initiative include Costa, Caffè Nero, EAT, Starbucks, Coffee Republic, Pret, Krispy Kreme, Joe and The Juice, Lakeland, Bills, Côte, Carluccio’s, Pizza Express, Zizzi, Lola’s Cupcakes, Comptoir Libanais, Ask, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Byron, plus others.

Operational Standards

The facility team are accredited with ISO9001 (quality), ISO14001 (environment), ISO50001 (energy) and ISO18001 (occupational health and safety).