Alas, we have spent several years now obsessing over Gin indulging in endless G&Ts, justifying it because of the health benefits of juniper berries said to cure (cough, cough) illnesses. The substantial range of gins released have been endless from pink gins, to caramel, chocolate, rhubarb - you name it there is probably a gin in that flavour. However, it’s been 10 or so years now since the start of this hype which means there’s a new spirit in town. With influences from Cuba, Latin America and Captain Jack Sparrow, rum is on the rise, and it’s spicier than ever. 

Rum is famously brewed in the tropical Caribbean and has been associated as a summer drink with ice cold Mojitos and Pina Coladas being a refreshing cooler in the hot weather. However, you can stock Rum all year round as they make a knock-out winter drink, especially darker rums with its gingery kick, as one small sip can heat you up from within and cure your winter chills. 

Rums are surprisingly diverse, pairing well with coke, tonic, ginger beer and fruity flavours. If you want to step up your rum game try a few of these.

The basic but nonetheless classic rum drink is coke and rum. It’s simple and doesn’t involve a cocktail shaker. Obviously, it consists of coke and rum but to slightly revolutionise it use both a dark and a light rum to bring out fruity and vibrant flavours. Make sure to garnish with a spruce of lemon and use ice to make it truly elite.

The French Caribbean’s favourite is what’s called the T Punch which isn’t for the faint hearted. Popular if you can handle intensity and tastes better if you’ve got a muddler. Simply add two shots of white rum, a quartered lime, a table spoon of soft brown sugar and a handful of ice, mash it up with your muddler and enjoy the zingy hit from your strong drink.

Spend slightly more time making hot buttered rum for a chilly winter evening. It’s warm and sweet and more alcoholic than a hot chocolate. Mix a tablespoon of butter and a teaspoon of brown sugar in a mug. Add a dash of allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg, then pour in two shots of dark rum and fill the rest up with hot water and bobs your uncle, you’ve got your new favourite drink.