It’s a well-recognized fact that us Brits non-stop talk about the weather. The perks of it are that we get to wear a variety of clothes all year round as temperatures soar and dip throughout seasons, allowing us to sport the puffiest of puffer jackets to the skimpiest of summer dresses. In winter and summer, it’s pretty clear what to wear and what not to, but September is a little trickier. We enter the trans-seasonal period where the weather matches the uncertainty of British politics, the forecast changing dramatically day in, day out. You have no idea whether you’ll step outside and the sun will shine down or whether you’ll get soaked. 

That’s where the boilersuit comes in and saves the day. As practical as its initial purpose, it will offer the perfect amount of coverage for inbetween days and make you look worthy of a fashion show front seat. The best thing about it has to be its versatility. Its utilitarian tones make it suitable for everyday casualwear but also dramatic enough to make a statement, suitable for a Monday at the office or a high-profile event later in the week. In other words, it cannot - and will not - let you down. 

As if that's not enough, the boilersuit is a super timesaver. There is no need to dwell on whether your top will go with your bottoms or vice versa, as it comes in one wholesome piece that you can throw on in seconds (perfect for when you’ve slept through your alarm and need to dash out for work looking effortless!). You can simply dress it up or down as you wish with different footwear or accessories: trainers for a dress down day, western boots if you really want to make an impression. And because boilersuits tend come in all one colour you can mix and match it with an animal print shoulder bag to add a bit of flair to your look.

Top styling tip: if it gets too hot, unzip your top half and tie it round your waist (just make sure you’re wearing a vest or a bralette underneath so you’re not overly exposed) to cool down and nail the utility look, Ghostbuster style.