For many it is a luxury to have a garden and we have to settle for house plants in order to get our dose of green energy - which is inevitably accompanied with the stress of trying not to kill them. So why not turn your attention away from the living and famously hard to maintain, and look for other ways in which plantlife can enrich your home. AKA. this season's biggest new homeware trend: bamboo.

Bamboo is so versatile that these days it can be made into pretty much any shape or form - it's even used to make fabric due to its antibacterial qualities that are pretty much perfect for gym wear and socks. But the pieces that have really caught our attention - whether on Instagram, Pinterest or in real life - are all for the home. The Green Village in Bali is famous for its bamboo trees and the entire village is constructed using 90% bamboo, from the beds to the bathroom sinks - and this season, we appear to be following suit. Obviously if you’re living in the UK it’s highly impractical and unsustainable to live in a bamboo house but there are other ways to get that dose of earthy serenity in your life with bamboo chairs, coffee tables and mirrors galore. 

Bamboo furniture and home accessories are a great way to introduce a hint of Asian nature to your abode. Not only do they look rather fantastic, but they also help to create a peaceful environment and inspire a zen tranquillity that the culture is famously known for. And, better still, it's simple, versatile and will slot in easily to just about any home aesthetic. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite pieces from wall hangings to laundry baskets to inspire your shopping and construct that natural look indoors without having to upkeep the nurturing and watering.