Every season it’s the same story – new trend this, ‘buy that’, ‘add this to your wardrobe now’. Keeping up with every flashy fad in the shops and on Instagram can be exhausting, especially when your budget won’t stretch to a new dress, let alone a designer bag or quality coat. Luckily, there’s a cheaper and easier way to incorporate autumn trends into our lives: on our nails. 

Consider your regular mani appointments or at-home routine to experiment with the best of autumn. Naturally, just as we transition our summer brights in our wardrobes, so too do we on our nails; gravitating to a darker, moodier palette that reflects the changing trees. Think earthy greens, rich browns, deep berry tones, reds and oranges. Offset mattes with glittery accents and metallics – they’re perfect for the run up to party season. Feeling bold? Try some DIY nail art, like animal print, gradient or tonal nails

For a new season refresh, we’ve rounded up the best autumnal nail colours that the high street has to offer. Consider these as 12 more reasons to be excited for autumn trends, no matter how much you have in your bank account.