The Bluewater Nature Trail

Explore the beautiful parkland and lakes surrounding Bluewater and, as you walk the 45 minute trail, you'll discover The Bluewater Beach, The Mosaic Tunnel, a children's play area, an array of wildlife, beautiful swan lake and information points telling you all about the environment around Bluewater. There’s a whole host of exciting new additions too, including a bug hotel, stepping logs and hopscotch to be enjoyed by all. 

Plus, to celebrate the arrival of spring, we have launched Pixie Valley on the Nature Trail. You are invited to search for ten tiny magical doors and windows to discover pixies Flora Honey-Blossom, Rosa Clover-Leaf, Oren Elm-Dew and friends! Little ones can enjoy the enchanted parkland and be a pixie, posing on the fairy-tale thrones and making a wish at the wishing wall.

Pick up a leaflet in the mall (available from the Concierge Desks) and head outside to follow the footprints along the trail. The leaflet also has a fun activity sheet on the back, find all the answers along the trail and take it back to a member of concierge to receive a special prize. 

Remember to keep an eye out for Sidney Squirrel who will help you on your way.

The Bluewater Nature Trail