Long car journeys are fun bonding times where the whole family sings along to songs, share healthy snacks and smile for hours on end…in adverts. But the reality is that they’re extremely tiring and stressful, and something not many of us look forward to. But there’s often a great reason to herd your family into the car and put your foot on the pedal. Whether it’s going for a nice weekend retreat or visiting relatives who live further out, a little road trip is usually necessary. But it’s always a great idea to get a breather away from home and work, and with the next bank holiday feeling like it’s miles away, there’s no time like the present to treat you and your family to doing something nice together. And if it’s been a while since you’ve seen some distant (literally) relatives, then this is a great incentive to get behind that wheel. But with children – whether they’re new-borns, toddlers or young teenagers – there are some things to think about before you get everyone piling into that car. We’ve got five essential pieces to prepare you for your long car journey, and we guarantee they’ll make your trip feel more comfortable and a lot easier.

From the best baby seat that will make sure your new-born is out like a light, to hand accessories for your tablets that will keep your kids amused whilst you concentrate on the road, these are our top six products that will make your trip (and life) a whole lot easier.