Listen, we’re not trying to speed up the natural process, so while summer hasn’t technically ended, we won’t push you into the cold and harsh world of winter-wear just quite yet. We can, however, lightly suggest the introduction of something that will serve us for what we call ‘the in-between’. The in-between is that strange transitional time of year where the weather makes it difficult to decide if you need to trade your sleeveless summer tops for jumpers in order to avoid needing a jacket when heading outside. This is a problem we can empathise with, but we - being the problem solvers we are - like to turn sartorial dilemmas into style solutions!

No matter how cute your top is, you should never be unwilling to wear a jacket if it’s needed - in fact, your jacket should add on a layer that adds to your look, not take away. That’s why our interest in jackets in the last week or so has tripled.  

Think about it, there is nothing quite as fit for a season-transitional piece than the perfect jacket. They vary in weight, style, colour and material, but they always manage to maintain an air of casual-chicness that takes us from autumn to winter and winter to spring without being such a major commitment. 

From dad blazers and belted vinyl jackets, to trending utility and the current obsession of the fashion industry, the shacket, these are our top 10 women’s transitional jackets to get your arms into before we head into autumn.