Autumn and boots go together like bread and butter; tea and biscuits; Ross and Rachel (debatable). But up until a few seasons ago, the only boot that mattered was black. Whilst women’s black leather boots, whether plain, patent or printed, are still a wardrobe mainstay, they’re at risk of losing their title of Most Versatile Boot to a fresh and contemporary contender: the white boot. From editors-essential kitten heels to shiny 60s styles a la Twiggy, few fashionable feet have been able to escape the overwhelming appeal of a clean white boot. Much like black boots, white boots have got versatility on their side, going with pretty much anything going. But fresh white boots, in all their unscuffed glory, are light, bright and bold in a way that their darker comrade simply, well, isn’t.  Women everywhere are now cottoning on to the allure of the white boot trend en masse, with every respecting female searching high and low for a white boot that’s trendy now but will still feel relevant with a dress come spring. So, it comes as no great surprise that this kitten heel pair of white boots from New Look keep flying off the shelves, time and time again.