A 5am flight from Luton always seems like a great idea when it’s 20 quid cheaper than the later one. When the boys are getting excited over your group holiday and finally decide to book, you never bring yourself to think about the waking up, the half-asleep rush and the thick tracksuits you throw on just to be cosy through the cold morning. But you’re off for a beach holiday, so none of that stress matters…until the big day actually comes.

You all cram in one house to make sure you wake up and get there together, but one person always messes it up, sleeps at home and makes their own way. There’s one person who doesn’t want to wake up, and when they do, they’re slow as ever. Thankfully, there’s always someone who’s annoyingly perky, and he is the driving force behind getting everyone ready and out, so the flight isn’t missed. But for us, the main issue of waking up at that ungodly hour is making sure we dress right for the airport.

It's that mixture of comfort, style and weather consciousness we’re looking for. We want something that looks great and will keep us relatively warm through the 5am chills, but not something that’s too thick so we overheat the minute we step off the plane. It’s a difficult balance to get right, and airport style has never been so important – we want to step off that plane looking like a celebrity, rather than a hot mess. So, we’ve made an edit of the perfect airport outfits to make sure you, us and every guy who’s off on their lads holiday makes a strong first impression. From lightweight tracksuits to trendy, baggy tees, these are the best picks for you to bag now, all in time for your exciting lads getaway.