Whatever your occupation, wherever you live, and however much you’ve managed to avoid the downright terrifying news cycle of the past 12 months, 2018 is likely to have been a stressful year. With the distraction of digital technologies or pesky politics always at the back of our minds, making time for ourselves is proving increasingly difficult.

So how are you dealing with the stresses of the modern world in 2019? We’re willing to bet that many of you have made a resolution to book yourself in for a trendy yoga, pilates or fitness retreat, as they offer fantastic opportunities to withdraw from the modern world and focus on one’s health and well-being.

Of course, as with anything new, attending a retreat requires a little planning beforehand to answer the classic "What should I wear?" dilemma. That's why we’re on hand to offer you a quick guide to on what to wearing while gracing those yoga mats. From well supporting tops to perfect fitting bottoms, shop from our edit and you'll be halfway to nirvana in no time.