After months of the endless routine of waking up every morning, getting dressed, going to work, coming home, eating, sleeping… (it makes us tired just writing about it) sometimes you just need a mini break to break you out of this endless cycle. Something different and new to help you hit that big refresh button – and there’s nothing better than a mini break away. Whether you fancy going abroad or heading out to the nearby countryside, a little bit of fresh air does everyone some good. You can go with your family, partner, friends or maybe you just need some time to yourself, and now is a great time to get thinking about your next weekend getaway - especially with the weather turning for the better. And a great first step to planning this mini break of yours is to buy some new travel bags. This may sound slightly peculiar, but nothing gets you into the mindset of a holiday more than getting yourself some new luggage that you’ll be itching to use straight away. And, let’s face it, most of our travel bags are pretty old, tatty and in most need of a little update, which is why we’re here.

Whether you need a suitcase big for the whole family, or a small weekend bag for just yourself, we have the best luggage for every kind of weekend getaway you may choose - and every budget too, from luxury to affordable. Beach? Adventure? Country side? Whatever it is, you need it, and we’ll help you pack for it.