Dressing for transitional weather is far from easy. While the summer hasn’t quite drawn to a close (and hopefully there are still some glorious Indian-sun days on the horizon!), autumn is very much making itself known; bringing with itself chilly mornings, darker evenings and moody showers that make us want to crawl back in to bed. Add to the mix chilly office air-con and sweaty commutes, and you have yourself a real sartorial problem: what are we to wear when our wardrobes are still packed with summer dresses and delicate prairie blouses?

The answer lies with a few key transitionary pieces that will carry your summer favourites through to autumn, will keep you warm when needed and can be peeled off when the sun peeks through. The key is to spend wisely, picking out pieces that can layer easily and that will do all the hard work for you. Essentials like a great pair of ankle boots will toughen up the floatiest of dresses, while new season favourites such as leather trousers will keep your legs warm and can be paired with those prairie blouses.

Finding yourself in just such a transitional dressing pickle? Consider this your new season cheat sheet to what to buy and how to wear it with your existing wardrobe.