When you need style inspiration for the future, sometimes the best thing to do is to look back. Reminiscing on our fashion history is the best way to gain contemporary insight into our outfits. And since we’ve covered some of our favourites (the nineties and the noughties), recent observation of some of this summer’s latest trends, has brought us back to the era of peace and love.

Whether or not you were actually around to experience the 1970’s, the decade packed in so many radical movements and trends that we almost all tend to feel nostalgic for those oh-so-groovy years filled with peace, revolution ... and super cool clothes. Those ten years brought us a slew of famous fashion archetypes. The defining hippie movement spilled over from the summer of ‘69 and evolved the mainstream tailored mod style of the 60’s into loose flowy bohemian shapes for the 70’s, basically inventing what we consider to be ‘boho chic’ today. It also brought us the iconic looks of the disco, courtesy of Studio 54 -we’re talking metallics, high-waisted trousers and bright colours galore. Then on the flipside it ironically birthed the utilitarian look we’re loving once again in 2019, complete with earth tones, patch pockets and jumpsuits. Honestly, is there any 70s fashion we’re not totally obsessed with right now?

In summary, we owe a lot to the 70’s. So to jog our nostalgica and inspire some more retro style, we’ve picked out some of our favourite vintage trends that we just can’t stop going back to.