The heat is on! What seemed to be a miserable start to the summer has now transformed into some serious tanning material, and we won’t lie, we couldn’t be happier. Whilst we’re aware of the worrying alarm bells it raises for the environment, it’s not going to stop us stripping down to our shorts and trunks and playing footie on the green, whatever our skill level. Boozy park days and garden BBQ get-togethers are pencilled into everyone’s diaries, and after a slow start to the season, we’re now playing catch up on those lost sunny days.

With heat waves impending and 3 whole months of predicted hot weather still to look forward to, there’s no point in sticking around in our skinny jeans and dark chino trousers. Whilst there may be the odd cool day or two, it’s finally time you started investing in some new shorts, throwing out those old ones you've worn for one summer too many. And with trends including the brave return of the retro short shorts (stay with us!) and all things beige and linen, there has been an abundance of fresh new styles for us guys to try out. Pop colours are back in, and Hawaiian patterns have never looked so good. So if you’re in real need of a summer style update, look no further than these top 10 shorts that you’ll want to snap up from Bluewater ASAP!