As we hit the middle point of our seemingly short summer, we’re all struggling to come to terms with the sad fact that the warm British sun is going to disappear soon. And as the weather has already showed signs of turning, many of us are panicking over those summer plans we have had in our heads that we still haven’t got around to doing. Lido trips, weekends to the seaside, daytime festivals and of course those big BBQ get-togethers we have always been meaning to host. But there’s still time to cram those plans in, and we can give you a helping hand too. Whilst we can’t exactly book your train tickets to the seaside or schedule in a festival, we can give you a little push to organising that BBQ you keep putting off! And it’ll be easy as pie.

Whilst BBQs are always a good laugh, it can be stressful being host to your friends, family and other invitees, but with these top 10 BBQ essentials, your life will be 10 times easier. From tongs to coal to a BBQ itself, these are the best bits to buy that you can use now and bring back out when next summer comes around!