For all those Joni Jean wearers out there, – which we already know is basically everyone – Topshop have heard and finally answered our constant prayers. A simple, yet highly effective upgrade to our go-to, easy-wear skinny black jeans: the addition of belt loops. Yep, you read that right the first time…belt loops. Who would have thought such a tiny difference would get us so excited? But this is a huge gamechanger for our style, as we now have the essential choice of seriously turning our outfits up a notch.
The black Joni Jean is the perfect combination of keeping it casual to looking classy as hell; wear with trainers and a slouch tee? Cool and casual. But pair it with some slinky heels and a cute blouse? You’ve got yourself the perfect evening and party attire. But we’ve all come to a point where our heart sinks a little because we realise that there’s just something missing, and 90% of the time it takes the form of a simple, sleek belt. Well, that issue no longer exists, fellow Joni lovers! The belt loops are here, and it seems to be that everyone is jumping on these jeans already, as the product is trending.

So grab your belt loop Joni Jeans now, and then treat yourself to a new statement tie-around so you can finally complete and re-wear those killer looks.