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Stacked Dutch Pancakes

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More about Stacked Dutch Pancakes

Stacked is a new and exciting mid-mall kiosk at Bluewater Shopping Centre selling Dutch Pancakes, or Poffertjes as they are known in the Netherlands.  Dutch Pancakes are a modern twist on a classic snack. Providing a cook-to-order service Stacked ensure that their product is always fresh and steaming hot. 

Once cooked, the delectable, golden-brown, pillow-like mini pancakes come piled high onto a plate of ten or fifteen. Traditionally the Dutch eat these mini pancakes with butter and sugar. Stacked takes traditional to modern by offering a wide-selection of toppings to accompany the mini pancakes. Whether it's warm, melted Nutella, Milk, White or Dark Belgian Chocolate, Maple Syrup, fresh strawberries or bananas, a selection of crushed nuts or the English favorite of Lemon & Sugar there is an option for everyone.

Stacked Dutch Pancakes are enjoyed by using cocktail sticks, which makes the experience inevitably about sharing. After all, Stacked believe that at the core of all food experiences is the social aspect of being together and sharing these delightful pancakes with family and friends.  Be sure to stop by and try a plate, these little "pillows of heaven" that melt in your mouth will have you coming back for more. 

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