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More about Sizzled

Sizzled serves up the best of Mediterranean street food culture. Unprocessed, fresh, healthy and hearty. The new Guilt-Free, go-to-grill is here at Bluewater!

Lovingly sourced from suppliers in Greece, our ten¬der skewers of lightly seared meat, our crispy grilled slices of Yeeros, soft fluffy pita bread, mouthwatering halloumi and crunchy salads are a cut above in taste and quality. Our menu takes the best of the Greek grill with our own Sizzled twist. You’ll enjoy gluten-free meat, a greater range of vegetarian and vegan options and exciting dips and sauces.

We firmly believe there’s no greater way to ex¬perience the best of the Mediterranean than with healthy, pure ingredients, simply grilled, served with love and complemented with the greatness of hospitality. 

At Sizzled we live by a simple rule. If we wouldn’t eat it - we won’t serve it to you. That’s why we’re passionate about food that is good in every way, cooked in the healthiest way. On the grill!

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