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Our Concierge Desks are on hand to greet you with a warm welcome and help you get the most from your visit. No question is too trivial and what our specially trained hosts don’t know about Bluewater is simply not worth knowing. Whether you need the latest Cinema listings or advice on where to eat, our hosts will be able to help. As well as offering a wide range of services, our team will endeavour to ensure that your Bluewater experience is fun, memorable and exciting.

Concierge desks are located on the Upper Guildhall, the lower level outside Marks & Spencer and at the Transit Centre. 

Services include:

  • Escorting guests to their desired location - personally if roaming the malls or assisting with directions.
  • Translations for foreign language speaking guests and endeavour to communicate with hearing impaired guests using sign language.
  • Helping to locate exact brands or products a guest is trying to locate.
  • Helping guests with regard to Lost and Found items within the Lost Property system. 
  • Ensuring Health and Safety issues are dealt with promptly: reporting spillages or any other hazards on the malls.
  • Provide local area information including travel information on trains and buses, up to date traffic/weather information and the location of the nearest hotels and petrol stations.
  • Book taxis, hotels and restaurants.
  • Reporting lost children/parents/elderly guests.
  • Promote the Child Safe Zone scheme and handing out the wristbands.
  • Point of contact for requesting First Aid assistance.
  • Gather feedback information from guests who are expressing a ‘well done’ or who have a complaint regarding a retailer of the centre.
  • Ensure the malls are clean, safe and presentable when roaming the centre.
  • Assisting with carrying guests bags to their vehicles.
  • Act as a guide for visually impaired guests: this involves meeting at the Transit Centre, accompanying them to various stores, returning with them to the relevant bus bay and waiting until the bus arrives to see them safely on the way home. This service is subject to availability depending on how busy our hosts are at the time.