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Visit Dinotropolis - unlimited access for just £15 a month

Dinotropolis | The Plaza, upper mall (next to Showcase Cinema).

The ultimate dinosaur adventure park has arrived in Bluewater! Get ready to be transported back to land long forgotten... Play, learn and discover in an epic soft play adventure with interactive games and animatronic dinosaurs!

Become a dinotropolis member!  Unlimited access for just £15 a month per child and a nominated adult goes free for every child. Click here for details.

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Meet the Dinosaurs

Come face to face with a T-Rex, race with the raptors in pedal powered go-karts, and walk alongside a towering Triceratop. You’ll find other animatronic dinosaurs on your travels… A grazing Diplodocus and a Pteranodon nesting with her dinosaur eggs. Tread carefully though Ranger, there’s another Pteranodon overhead!

Dinotropolis, Bluewater, Kent



Dino Jungle

Explore three storeys of soft play  in the vast Dino Jungle… Launch into the ball pits, cross the drawbridges, and descend down one of three epic slides! Test your aim with our ball cannons, and weave your way through a maze of mirrors and gigantic bouncy balls, if you’re agile enough!

Dinotropolis, Bluewater, Kent



Discovery Cove  

A corner of the park where arts, crafts and technology come together to make learning fun! Pick up your fossil brush and dust off the sand to reveal the bones of a T-Rex skeleton, or build your own dinosaur from scratch! There’s an interactive sandpit that lets you create your own volcanoes and lakes for the dinosaurs to roam… And there’s more. You can bring your drawing of a dinosaur to life on a big screen, too!

Dinotropolis, Bluewater, Kent



Raptor Racing

Drive around the track in pedal powered go-karts in Raptor Racing, until the watchful eye of two friendly raptor twins! There’s karts for Dino Rangers of all sizes.


Dinotropolis, Bluewater, Kent



Dino Escape

If you’re up for the challenge, you can take on the Dino Escape room! Beat the laser beams to make it to the other side and back without waking the sleeping dinosaurs… If you dare!

Dinotropolis, Bluewater, Kent



Fossil Cafe

Time to refuel? Every Ranger needs to keep their energy levels up! Breakfast, lunch and dinner is taken care of at the Fossil Cafe. Adults can grab a free hot or cold drink of choice as part of the entrance cost.

Dinotropolis, Bluewater, Kent



Parties and Group Visits

Dinotropolis is an experience to share, that's why we've made it the perfect place for birthday parties, school visits and group bookings! Have a ROARSOME birthday with one of our three themed party rooms; Volcano Valley, Dino Lagoon or Bronto Beach.

Dinotropolis, Bluewater, Kent