GraVity Trampoline Park now open

GraVity Trampoline Park now open

The most advanced trampoline park in the world!

You know Gravity for its awe-inspiring trampoline experience. You may even say “it rocks!” Well guess what? they’ve combined their name with your emotions and came up with Gravity Rocks – an altogether new experience for Gravity lovers.

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Park features

Open Bounce Arena. Leap from trampoline to trampoline whilst chasing your friends or perfecting those flips. Make sure to listen out for Party Time when the whole trampoline park turns into a nightclub for all ages. 

Freestyle Zone. Trampolines of all sizes with walls, curbs, and podiums for the ultimate parkour experience.

The Obstacle Adventure Course.  A world’s first. Two stories of fun. Climb the moving staircase before battling your way through 60mph winds through hurricane alley. Navigate your way across moving floors that spin, move and groove. All whilst trying to avoid the spinning punch bags, make your way through the human carwash before entering the giant mechanical hamster wheel. All this fun along with slides, and even more obstacles. Have you got what it takes?

Giant Airbag.  Spin and twist off our second story jump platform onto our super sprung trampolines, before landing on the same airbags used by Hollywood’s greatest stunt doubles.

Gravity Gorge. Balance on the battle beams, pugil stick in hand, and battle your way to victory like a true gladiator.

Gravity Dunk Zone. Bounce and dunk your basketball like a true pro.

Gravity Reaction Walls.  How fast are your reactions? This puts you to the test. 

Digital Augmented Climbing. To challenge all levels of climber. React, move, and avoid obstacles all on our digital projected climbing wall.

Professional Tumble Track. For beginners to the advanced, perfect your skills on this highly sprung tumble lane. 

Gravity Stepping Stones.  Step up your game and bound around the different platforms. Its next level.

Dodgeball Court. Team up with your pals and be the winner at dodgeball. You guessed it, it’s on a trampoline!

Gravity Rocks: Urban Climbing. Climb to new heights with the Gravity’s ultimate climbing experience

JellyBelly @ Gravity. The largest collection of Jelly Beans anywhere in the UK.

Gravity Ice-cream Parlour. Every day is a Sundae at Gravity, with 16 flavours of delicious ice cream and sumptuous ice cream sundaes and desserts. 

Soft Drinks and Licensed Bar 

GraVity also runs HIIT fitness classes, ran by qualified personal trainers these workouts have been specially developed so you get the most out of your training sessions.

Disability sessions run with reduced sound and lighting and have specialist equipment available for use during the class including sensory tents, and parent and toddler classes give you access to the full park without worrying about bigger kids bouncing.

GraVity offers parties for all ages – kids, adults and toddlers. Parties include socks for all guests, 15 mins’ private dodgeball game and group photo, a dedicated party host for the party duration, and a decorated table with a food package of your choice delivered from leading high street retailers with unlimited soft-drinks!

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Gravity opens at Bluewater