Filorga arrives in House of Fraser

Filorga arriving in House of Fraser Monday

No appointment, no surgeon, just Filorga skin care.

Founded by a French Cosmetic doctor in 1978.

Laboratoires FILORGA offers a series of advanced professional anti-ageing solutions used by the top dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons worldwide.

Medi-Cosmetique, from anti-ageing procedures to anti-ageing skincare.
High concentration, active-rich formulas with pure hyaluronic acid, a powerful anti-ageing molecule, and NCTF ( A New Cellular Treatment), a patented skin-revitalizing cocktail of over 50 ingredients.

 0% Parabens. Clinically tested.
Tests conducted by an independent lab reveal great results in just 7 days. 

Filorga, Bluewater, Bluewater, Kent