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More about Triumph

The Triumph store combines product breadth & depth with a bespoke fittings service, lingerie expertise and a journey through Triumph’s archives to provide the ultimate lingerie destination to millions of Bluewater shoppers.

The highly personalised experience starts as soon as you walk into the store with the ‘Dress up’ area providing a wealth of eye-catching styles with a boutique-inspired shopping experience, while ‘Dress down’ features more everyday products, inviting you to not only take a journey through the store but also subconsciously through your own wardrobe styles.

The fitting service is provided by Triumph’s highly trained Insightful Tailoress’ who offer a consultative approach to fitting, ensuring your experience is specifically tailored to your needs. 

Triumph strives to offer beautiful, fashionable lingerie that inspires women to live their dreams and love their body, bringing out the best of their personality. Quality, sensuality and versatility are at the heart of the Triumph brand.

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