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More about Reebok

Reebok is the original fitness brand. Fitness is who they are. Reebok pioneered a fitness movement and they are still pioneering today.

Every day they are creating products for those who love fitness as much as they do. Products that allow you to get every ounce out of your work-out, run, walk, Cross-Fit, yoga, or a dance class.

Their new Fit Hub concept store in Bluewater is designed to inspire people to move, to train, to get fit and have fun doing it. This is a place where people can go to find innovative fitness and training products, trusted advice, guidance and information on community based fitness events.

The Bluewater Fit Hub is staffed with fitness and product experts that will help fitness enthusiasts find the right gear for their workout, whether that’s yoga, dance, running, training or Cross Fit they have the team to guide and drive you towards better health and superior performance.

A complete fitness experience in one environment - an all-in-one home for fitness.

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